Shirtless Stephen Amell Shows Off Vacay VPL On Instagram

January 7, 2014 in Pics by SH Editor


If we had to choose a winner for best shirtless social network hunk, then we’re sorry, Robbie and Brad, but Arrow‘s Stephen Amell takes the package err prize. It’s that hefty serving of VPL (or VPO, if you prefer “Visible Penis Outline”) that has earned him a place at the top of the podium (where access is much easier, of course!).

Pro Athlete Robbie Rogers Goes Shirtless To Ring In 2014 With A Bang!

January 6, 2014 in Pics by SH Editor

Robbie Rogers

One of the SH staff’s biggest sports crushes has kicked off our New Year with a bang. Robbie Rogers, the openly gay L.A. Galaxy star, gave his Facebook followers a Happy New Year when he shared this sexy shirtless image on Monday afternoon.

They say today is the most depressing day of the year, statistically, so our kudos go out to Robbie for brightening it up.

Bravo Reality Hunk Brad Goreski Flexes For A Selfie

January 6, 2014 in Pics by SH Editor

Brad Goreski Selfie

The Internet tends to have a love/hate relationship with Bravo’s It’s A Brad, Brad World star Brad Goreski.

We don’t get it.

How could you anything but love this social sharer?

Spartacus Stud Craig Parker Wields Big Sword In Nude Selfie (NSFW)

December 17, 2013 in Pics by SH Editor


We wouldn’t want to go to battle against Spartacus’ Craig Parker after seeing the fully-nude selfie he shared on Guys with iPhones! Who’s going to have the kind of shield necessary to protect against this gladiator?

Check out the full NSFW pic here!

Pete Wentz Flexes Abs For Instagram

November 27, 2013 in Pics by SH Editor


Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has thoughtfully provided us with a surefire method for not overeating this Thanksgivukkah: a pic of his etched out torso on Instagram! Maybe all the work it takes to count Pete’s abs will burn off some Turkey Day calories?

Fashion Photog Nigel Barker Shows Off A Shirtless TBT

November 22, 2013 in Pics by SH Editor

For Throwback Thursday, celebrated fashion photog Nigel Barker gave us three big reasons to say “Awww.”

“and they called it puppy love…. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT 1999 on the island of Bora Bora,” Nigel wrote in the WhoSay pic’s caption.

Purdue Men’s Gymnastics Team’s “Tidal Wave” Video Goes Viral

November 22, 2013 in Vids by SH Editor

The biggest thing to happen to U.S. gymnastics since the 2012 Summer Olympics arrived this week in the (ripped) form of the Purdue Men’s Gymnastics team. The guys, lead by a hunky leader in blue shorts, perform various tricks and routines while shirtless in the video, titled, “Tidal Wave.” It’s obviously the perfect recipe for going viral as BuzzFeed’s Matt Stopera has already declared a crush on the guy in blue, a crush that’s told, unsurprisingly, through GIFS.

Here are a few of BuzzFeed’s expertly clipped GIFS from the Purdue guys’ YouTube vid:

And here’s the vid:

Yay, sports!

You Can Be “That Guy” All You Want, Luked83

November 14, 2013 in Vids by SH Editor


With a pose like that, you can be “#thatguy” all you want, Luked83!

Be sure to follow Luked83 on Vine!

John Barrowman Hangs Out With Male Underwear Models

November 13, 2013 in Pics by SH Editor


We love following John Barrowman (of Torchwood and Zero Dark Thirty fame) on Instagram because of the frequent and fun surprises.

Like a few shots of underwear models, where we get the best view!

“Oops, I dropped something,” John says.

Keep on feigning clumsiness for the benefit of the social network, John. Your work is commended.

Follow John Barrowman on Instagram here.

‘Dem White Boyz’ Twerk Up A Sexy Shirtless Storm

November 13, 2013 in Vids by SH Editor


Just as we started to worry that John Mangum’s absence from Vine following his rush to viral video fame would leave a twerked out hole in our hearts, along come Dem White Boyz to shimmy themselves on in.

And if that isn’t enough shirtless bro twerking for ya, here’s a compilation of Dem White Boyz’ best hits:

Check the guys out on Vine @dem_white_boyz!

(h/t: Boy Culture)

Chineme Usuwa Shows Vine How To Pose Backstage At Bodybuilding Competition

January 9, 2014 in Vids by SH Editor


We always imagined that we’d prefer front row seating if we ever attended a bodybuilding competition. But bodybuilder Chineme Usuwa changed our minds when he flexed and posed for a Vine at a recent NPC contest in NYC; now we’ll shoot for a backstage pass if our dreams of being an audience are ever realized!

Humpday Selfie Stud For January 8, 2014

January 8, 2014 in Pics by SH Editor


We might not know who this dude is, but man has he got our 2014 started off on the right foot! We typically aren’t into all that ink (a little goes a long way, as our mother likes to say!), but when you’re as ripped as this social hunk, you can do whatever the damn hell you want. HE is our New Year Resolution. It’s decided.

Thanks, @dailysexymen!

College Hotties Shovel Snow For Strangers In Nothing But Boxers…

January 8, 2014 in Vids by SH Editor


Well, boxers and snow boots.

This Santa-capped pair stripped to their boxers and headed out in the neighborhood to help folks take care of piled-up snow. Naturally, they filmed their escapades for Vine. What a way to help snow shut-in neighbors fight off going stir crazy!